John Cusack, Malin Akerman to star in "Numbers Station" --- John Cusack Joins Malin Akerman In The Numbers Station

John Cusack, Malin Akerman to star in "Numbers Station"

By Joshua L. Weinstein

Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:10am EDT

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - John Cusack and Malin Akerman will star in "The Numbers Station," which starts shooting in November, Content Film announced Monday night.

Ethan Hawke originally was to star in and produce the thriller.

According to Content, "Cusack plays a disgraced black ops agent tasked with a dead-end job of protecting a code operator for an isolated covert CIA broadcast station played by Akerman. His mission is simple: protect the code operator. Keep her safe and secure, whilst knowing that she must never be taken alive..."

F. Scott Frazier wrote the script. Frazier is an increasingly hot commodity in Hollywood. In February, he sold a spec script, "Line of Sight," to Warner Bros. for Joel Silver to produce.

"The Numbers Station" will be directed by Kasper Barfoed, the Danish director of "Kandidaten" ("The Candidate"), "Listetyven" ("The Performance") and the award-winning children's feature "Tempelriddernes skat" ("The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar").

Cusack starred in "2012," "Con Air" and "Grosse Pointe Blank," among others. Akerman starred in "The Proposal," "Watchmen" and "Couples Retreat." She stars in New Line's upcoming musical "Rock of Ages."

Content Film International acquired "The Numbers Station" for worldwide distribution at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

Hawke's Under the Influence Productions no longer is attached.

John Cusack Joins Malin Akerman In The Numbers Station
published: 2011-10-25 01:29:51 Author: Eric Eisenberg

Back in April of 2010, it looked as though Ethan Hawke was going to be reteaming with Sean and Bryan Furst - the producers of the vampire flick Daybreakers - for the action thriller The Numbers Station. Since then news about the project has been slim, with the exception of news that broke in September of last year, announcing that Malin Akerman had joined the cast as well. Fast forward a year and while Akerman is attached, it looks like Hawke has been replaced.

Variety is reporting that John Cusack has been cast to star in The Numbers Station. Directed by Danish filmmaker Kasper Barfoed (The Candidate) and written by F. Scott Frazier, the movie is about a "disgraced black-ops agent" who is reduced to playing bodyguard to a code operator for a secret CIA broadcast station. While the article doesn't say it, one can assume that the drama begins when the outpost falls under attack. The film is scheduled to go into production next month.

Cusack has a fairly heavy upcoming schedule, with The Factory bowing in December and The Raven, Limbo, The Paperboy, and The Frozen Ground all coming out in 2012. The actor's last film was the Steve Pink comedy Hot Tub Time Machine.

This project sounds like pretty standard action fare, but I will say that I do like John Cusack in the role better than Ethan Hawke. Nothing against Hawke - he's a fine actor - but any time I get to be reminded of Cusack movies like Grosse Pointe Blank I see it as a win.


Katherine LaNasa Snags Roles Opposite Will Ferrell, John Cusack (Exclusive)
4:10 PM PDT 10/19/2011 by Borys Kit
The veteran TV actress will play Ferrell's wife in Warner Bros.' comedy "Dog Fight" and Cusack's wife in the thriller "The Frozen Ground."
Katherine LaNasa, who has spent the better part of the past decade making various television appearances, has booked roles opposite major stars in a couple of high-profile movies.

LaNasa has nabbed the role of Will Ferrell’s wife in Dog Fight, the Warner Bros. political comedy that also stars Zack Galifianakis. She also will play John Cusack’s wife in The Frozen Ground, a serial killer thriller that also stars Nicolas Cage.

Jay Roach is directing Dog Fight, once known as Southern Rivals, with Gary Sanchez Prods. and Everyman Pictures producing. The comedy tells the tale of two rival politicians in a small congressional district in South Carolina. Sarah Baker, another actress who has long worked in television, was cast as Galifianakis’ wife earlier this week.

Frozen Ground details the true story of the capture of serial killer Robert Hansen in Alaska. Cage is an Alaska state trooper tracking Hansen, played by Cusack. Randall Emmett and Mark Ordesky are producing the indie, which starts shooting this week in Alaska.

LaNasa, repped by IFA Talent, has appeared on shows such as Two and a Half Men, Big Love and Judging Amy, but her newfound heat could be due to work in Jayne Mansfield’s Car for writer-director Billy Bob Thornton; LaNasa snagged that role when it was initially earmarked for Robin Wright.

Casting Bits: John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville in ‘Carnaval’, Katherine LaNasa in ‘Dog Fight’ and ‘The Frozen Ground’, Vanessa Redgrave, Melanie Laurent in ‘Night Train to Lisbon’
Posted on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 by Angie Han
John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville are set to star in Carnaval, a comedy directed by Josh Stern. Cusack will play a sports scout who tavels to Rio de Janeiro during Carnaval in order to sign a soccer star, while Knoxville has been cast as Cusack’s musician best friend who tags along. Cusack’s character needs to bring the player on board so that he can take over his agency, but his plans go awry when Knoxville’s character sleeps with the player’s girlfriend. Carnaval will begin shooting in Rio this January.

Knoxville’s been on a roll lately in terms of landing roles. Over the past few months, he’s signed on for the teen comedy Fun Size, an untitled camping comedy with Patton Oswalt, and the Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick The Last Stand. Cusack also has a handful of movies lined up for next year, including Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy, the Edgar Allan Poe thriller The Raven, and the serial killer drama The Frozen Ground. [The Hollywood Reporter]

After the jump, TV actress Katherine LaNasa gains two movie husbands, and a whole bunch of people board Night Train to Lisbon.

Speaking of Cusack, the actor has just gained an onscreen wife in the form of TV vet Katherine LaNasa, who’s just been cast in The Frozen Ground. Written and directed by Scott Walker, the thriller is based on the real-life tale of Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen, who’ll be played in the movie by Cusack. The eclectic cast also includes Nicolas Cage as a state trooper, 50 Cent as a pimp, and Vanessa Hudgens as an escaped victim.
The Frozen Ground is one of two gigs that LaNasa has recently picked up. The other, Jay Roach‘s Dog Fight (formerly titled Southern Rivals, and then just Rivals) should be much lighter. The comedy follows two politicians (Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis) running against each other in a congressional district race in South Carolina. LaNasa will play Ferrell’s wife, while Sarah Baker will co-star as Galifianakis’.

LaNasa’s extensive small-screen work includes parts in Two and a Half Men and Big Love, but she’s been gravitating toward film roles as of late. Her most notable upcoming gig is Jayne Mansfield’s Car, directed by Billy Bob Thornton and co-starring Kevin Bacon, Ray Stevenson, and John Hurt. [The Hollywood Reporter]

We haven’t heard much about Bille August‘s Night Train to Lisbon since Jeremy Irons joined back in June, but a slew of intriguing names have just become attached to the project. Vanessa Redgrave, Melanie Laurent, Bruno Ganz, Christopher Lee, Lena Olin, Martina Gedeck, and Jack Huston will also star in the thriller, an adaptation of Pascal Mercier‘s bestselling novel. They’ll be joined by August Diehl, Nicolau Breyner, Adriano Luz, Jose Wallenstein, and Beatriz Batarda, all of whom were also recently announced for the picture.

The plot centers around a Swiss classics professor who saves a mysterious Portuguese woman from jumping to her death. Soon afterward, he falls in love with a Portuguese novel that inspires him to quit his job and travel to Lisbon in order to learn more about its writer. It is not clear at this point which actors will be playing which characters. The existential thriller is scheduled to begin shooting in March. [Variety]


by Brendan Bettinger    Posted:October 19th, 2011

Katherine LaNasa landed the role of wife in a pair of high-profile projects today.  First up is Dog Fight (formerly known as Southern Rivals), the political comedy that pits Will Ferrell against Zach Galifianakis.  The comic actors play two rival politicians in a small congressional district in South Carolina.  LaNasa is set to play Ferrell’s wife; Sarah Baker was cast as Galifianakis’ wife earlier in the week.  Jay Roach (Dinner for Schmucks) will direct Dog Night for an August 10, 2012 release.
Details on LaNasa’s other wifely role in The Frozen Ground after the jump.

THR reports that LaNasa will play the wife of John Cusack’s character in The Frozen Ground.  The film is based on the true story of an Alaskan family man (Cusack) who, for 12 years, abducted over 24 women and flew them to the wilderness where he hunted them for sport.  Nicolas Cage is set to play Detective Glenn Flothe, who teamed up with the serial killer’s only escaped victim (Vanessa Hudgens) to eventually bring him to justice.  Scott Walker wrote the script, and will make his directorial debut.  Randall Emmett and Mark Ordeky are producing.  The Frozen Ground starts shooting this week in Alaska.
LaNasa has spent the last decade or so paying her dues in television guest spots on Judging Amy, House, and Two and a Half Men among others.  Recently, she was one of the few stars of Valentine’s Day who wasn’t a household name.  THR speculates that this newfound attention could be due to her upcoming role in Billy Bob Thorton’s Jayne Mansfield’s Car.

John Cusack And Johnny Knoxville Teaming Up For Carnaval Comedy

published: 2011-10-19 15:14:08 Author: David Wharton
John Cusack and Johnny Knoxville are two people I would never expect to see listed together, unless it was on a list of People I Would Never Expect to See Listed Together. Nevertheless, the unlikely has become reality, because THR says the pair have both signed on for Carnaval, a new comedy to be directed by Josh Stern.

As the title suggests, Carnaval will be set amidst Rio de Janeiro's annual epic festival. Cusack will play a sports agent who is sent to Rio to try and sign an incredibly talented local soccer player. He's got a lot on the line: if he makes the deal, he will inherit the entire agency for which he works. Knoxville will play a friend of Cusack's character who tags along for the ride, then winds up unwittingly boning the soccer star's girlfriend. Shouldn't be a problem, right? What happens in Carnaval, stays in Carnaval.

The script was originally written by a dude named David Styne, himself a former agent. Clearly Styne subscribes to the "write what you know" philosophy. Director Stern then came along and did a rewrite pass on the script. Those guys should totally form a law firm. "Styne and Stern: A Name You Can Trust."

The core concept is pretty basic, but the dynamic between Cusack and Knoxville could be fun. Also, Carnaval will be shooting this January in Rio de Janeiro, so it should have some great scenery if nothing else. Of course, if The Hangover Part II proved anything, it's that exotic locales won't make up for an underwhelming script. We'll just have to wait and see.


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